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  • Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries EO2

Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries EO2

This course prepares you to administer oxygen first aid as an initial response for diving injuries. 

Early registration (minimum 1-2 weeks) required for all classes due to on-line sessions.

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Scuba diving injuries are rare and symptoms are often subtle, but recognizing problems and initiating appropriate action can speed an injured diver’s recovery and minimize lasting effects. Oxygen first aid is one of the initial responses for diving injuries. This is the 1st line of care once the injured diver is surfaced, removed from the water, equipment removed and care has begun for the diver. 100% oxygen is needed to begin the care in order to start reducing the effects of DCI/DCS. (4hrs). 

DAN Mission Statement DAN helps divers in need with medical emergency assistance and promotes diving safety through research, education, products and services.

All Divers Alert Network, first aid training courses are written to meet the Guidelines for Resuscitation as released by the International Liaison Council on Resuscitation (ILCOR) and the American Heart Association in 2020.

Skill Level: Beginner
Skill Details:  
Materials Included: O2 student kit
Requirements: Current full CPR certification (ventilations and compressions) is a prerequisite. Register one week in advance to receive access to online portion. The online must be completed prior to classroom.

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