American/Veteran Owned

Equipment - Overview and FAQs



There's no way around it - the equipment we use for diving is responsible for keeping us alive. It is therefore important to buy equipment that is well-suited to your needs, well-fitted and well-built.

Protect that investment by maintaining and servicing your equipment. Black Hills Aquatic Adventures offers full repair services on brands we sell, and inspection services for other brands.

We also offer equipment for rent.

How often do I need to service my equipment?

Most manufacturers require servicing every other year to maintain warranty.
We suggest that you have your regulator bench tested once a year for proper function, giving you peace of mind before the season starts or your next trip.

What if you don't stock the brand I own?

Call or come in to the shop. Unless you know there's a specific problem, we may be able to do an inspection service to set your mind at ease. If there's a problem, we have partnered with a company that services most manufacturers.