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Rescue Diver

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This course trains divers in the knowledge and skills needed to manage risks and effectively handle limited in water problems and diving emergencies. Included are: assists, transports, surface rescues and rescues from depth involving both boat- and shore-based skin and scuba divers. The course meets the prerequisite rescue training for NAUI Skin Diving Instructor, NAUI Assistant Instructor, NAUI Divemaster and NAUI Instructor certifications. Note: Adult CPR training (approximately four hours) meets the requirement for Rescue Scuba Diver certification. However additional CPR training that includes two-person CPR and the use of rescue breathing barrier devices, e.g., pocket mask, face shield, is required to meet the requirements for NAUI leadership certification.

  • Estimated Hours are 24: 12 online, 4 class room, 4 pool, 4 dive hours
  • Class Limited to six Students with a minimum 4 students
  • Students must be a minimum of 15 years old adult certification (junior certification 10-14)
  • Suggested number of minimum logged dives for this course is 25 or more  (call Dive Shop)
  • DAN Basic Life Support and Oxygen Administration certifications included ( see dan courses)

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