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Thank you to Wet Souls youtube channel for mentioning us and producing great content for scuba divers and those investigating the sport.

Learn how to scuba dive all year long. We offer open water classes almost every month.
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BHAA, through the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI), is proud to announce that you can use your G.I. Bill® to pay for many of our scuba certifications and licenses. You can choose from a wide selection of programs we offer.

Are you interested in learning to dive, improving your diving skills, and becoming a dive professional? The G.I. Bill® can help you accomplish this.

Through these series of programs, you will learn the basics of diving and progress up this guided path to become a professional diver.

We can help "Take You as Deep as You Want to Go!"

This program is designed for veterans by veterans. Service members who qualify can be reimbursed for their certifications and licensing exams. Restrictions follow the same guidelines as the VA licensing and certification reimbursement program – Find Out More

Adaptive SCUBA Diving:

We are proud to announce that BHAA is now a member of the HANDICAPPED SCUBA DIVERS' ASSOCIATION and can now train and certify (once requirements are met) Adaptive (handicapped) divers and their dive buddies in 0pen water and advanced open water certifications. We can usually work with such disabilities as PTSD, Para and Quadriplegia, Amputees, TBI injuries, Developmental Disabilities and more ... Please feel free to contact Jim at the dive shop for more information, or click here.

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for the latest in SCUBAPRO Equipment. We service, repair and maintain all products we sell.
We offer annual visual cylinder inspections.

NAUI Recreational Diving courses include: all levels open water to instructor.
NAUI-VA Testing Center: you can use your G.I. Bill® to pay for many of our scuba certifications and licenses. 
Divers Alert Network courses: CPR/1st Aid, 1st aid for Hazardous Marine Life injuries, Accident Management
Ocean Reef Courses: Integrated Diving Mask and Communication Course/Accredited Instructor Course (non-agency specific)
Handicapped SCUBA Divers International courses: Instructing disabled persons and dive buddies in all levels of adaptive diving using specially designed adaptive diving equipment